Amilia Graham

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0.3 Ounces of the Artist’s Blood (video footage of a sculpture of the same name)

A leech is made into an ‘art object’ by filling it with my blood.

I am a London-based fine artist. My work explores the relationship between the individual human body and the external world; what the world feels like from within the body and what it means.

I try to stage encounters between body and world where the world is presented as an active and sentient other, rather than just a material or resource. Alchemy is therefore crucial to the way she sees things, acting as a lens through which I look at the material world- as both a projection of the mind, and something imbedded with meaning and powers outside of the human body.

Communion – A subjective encounter between body and world

Amilia is currently doing a project called Sunday Poetry, where she writes one poem a week and emails it to her mailing list every Sunday. If you would like to subscribe to Sunday Poetry, please email her

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