Edition #11 – ALCHEMY – Open Submissions

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Open submissions – Alchemy

Edition #11 of Wake up screaming will present the opportunity for us to explore alchemy in its various forms, particularly from a creative perspective. We are interested in hearing from artists using Alchemical themes as a reference point in their work. 

Some say it was a failed precursor to chemistry, an extinct and disproved theory that has perhaps become somewhat diluted and dispersed, maybe misinterpreted in modern times, it has certainly travelled far from its initial beginnings, searching for the philosophers stone, the elixir of eternal life and turning lead to gold.  

Whatever the case, the study of alchemy still intrigues many people today. Surrounded by mystery and magic, possibilities, tales of transformation, sparks that present new metaphors that can help us to better grasp our own transformational processes, physical and mental. The changing of the elements of the self, the furthering of self-knowledge that opens us up to new possibilities and understandings of the self.

Personally, the subject provides points of reference, creative inspirations, and opportunities for learning that have opened up new doorways and presented new metaphors for understanding myself, my art, mind, and creating change within my own being. As an artist, I am interested in the processes that occur within inspiration, within the creation of a piece of art and then between the piece and its viewers and how these can be explained by, and weave into, alchemical themes. 

On many occasions, pieces of my own art have unwittingly ended up in front of the eyes of people who find some relevance in the message, on some occasions I believe a piece of art has brought me together with a person or people, for very strong reasons, altering reality, and transforming the subjects.  

This edition will coincide with the International Alchemy Conference held here in Glastonbury 19th-24th. I will be attending some lectures and workshops, learning about herbal alchemy, making tinctures and generally filling my vessel with all things Alchemical. 

I invite you to join me in this process. 

We are looking for:

The pages of edition #11 will be open to submissions from artists in all forms. We are looking primarily for work and research relating to or inspired by alchemy and artists who use alchemical themes in their work.  Perhaps you would like to put together some images and write some accompanying text <600 words telling us how alchemy inspires you creatively. 

We are accepting art in all its forms: visual pieces, writing, illustration, painting, drawing, animation, music, sound, photography, video, multimedia, films, installations, movement, dance, noise, soundscapes, songs, collaborations, creative writing, poetry and short articles < 600 words.

Or any combination of the above – we particularly like amalgamation and cross-pollination between mediums. 

New work, old work, published or not we are an open space designed for artists to respond honestly to interesting themes that we hope teach us something about ourselves and how to be. 


  • Please send your submissions to Matt@wakeupscreaming.com 
  • Please title the email “Submissions – #11 – Alchemy”
  • Tell us why the theme interests you and how your work relates to the theme. 
  • Attach images as .jpg at min 1500px width < 1.5 mb
  • Please title images like this: artist-name-and-name-of-piece.jpg
  • Send poems in the body of the email – no more than 4 poems per submission
  • Video – send a Youtube or Vimeo link
  • Music, send your SoundCloud or video link. 
  • Include your name, the names of your works, your location
  • Include a description of why the theme interests you and how your work relates. 
  • Include a link to your portfolio, and social media accounts if applicable. 

Deadline: 12 Noon GMT Mon 11th Jun

Release: New Moon Wed 13th Jun

We look forward to reviewing your submissions. 


I am Matt Witt, illustrator, artist, writer, musician… a human that likes to indulge in his creativity.

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