My name is Matt Witt. I am an artist. I like to think a lot, and I turn my thoughts into character memes using this little guy and some of his friends.

They are inspired by dreams, instincts, intuitions, love, visions, life, mind, psychology, existence, consciousness and so on. They are inspirations from hours of sitting alone and playing with words and shapes. 

This is part of my inward self investigative work, the images explore my inner world and form part of a life long investigation into image, consciousness, language, intention and magic. The little guy will soon be developed into a range of products, just in time for Christmas. 

Wake up Screaming simply means:  Dive into the day, create, enjoy, be. I want to spend my life investigating my mind and creativity, this is the hub around which that will occur.

Please feel free to say hello, always glad to hear from people about commissions and collaborations.