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Wake Up Screaming is an online arts magazine released with the New Moon. We are an open space allowing artists to gather around themes that link art with real life, human psychology, philosophy and spirituality. Each edition allows us to explore themes relating to consciousness, creativity and approaching artistic expression as a means of understanding ourselves and unfolding our Beings.   

We publish visual art, illustration, writing, poetry, music, films, animations and any mixture of these things. 

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Matt is currently focusing on creating new art and music. We will be back in the Spring with more creative themes for you. In the mean time, browse over 300 articles dedicated to creative self discovery in the Wakeup screaming archives. 


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Mary Sewell - Voicebox 2

Mary Sewell – As Above so Below

#17: The Mind – I am interested in what is hidden, invisible or yet unformed and the relationship between that inner and the outer space.

Jeanne Elodie

JEMontclar – I Turned Up

#17: The Mind – Showing up just may be one of the most important things you can do in life regardless of the situation.

Marcus Scott - Time to Man Up

Marcus Scott – Time to Man up!

#17: The Mind – When I was fifteen years old at school I got into a serious fight with another pupil, and my punishment was to spend the whole afternoon in the Art school.

Ping Zheng - My mind

Ping Zheng – My Mind

#17: The Mind – I like spending a lot of time on processing and communicating with my artwork… approaching art as a mean of personal development.

Jane Hudspith - Journey through the Mind

Jane Hudspith – Take One a Day | The Creative Mind and Mental Well-being

#17: The Mind – I have witnessed the creative process having different effects on the mind and think it is important to share these observations

Salvador Campos - Ego & ID

Salvador Campos – Mind Your Own Business

#17: The Mind – I’ve grown comfortable with the complexity of being grateful for a mind responsible for the joy of creating art and the pain of depression.

Laura Scull - Through Thought - Thumb

Laura Scull – Through Thought

#17: The Mind – Art is the therapy that we do not realise that we need…

Tugba Tirpan - I am not t here

Tugba Tirpan – I am not T/here

#17: The Mind – Language can be inefficient to express the total map of a mind related experience and photography can perhaps come to aid.

Julia Hadji-Stylianou - My Mind's Madness

Julia Hadji-Stylianou – Non Compos Mentis

#17: The Mind – Expressing my internal state through my work has helped me to define what depression and anxiety is to me.

Danny Stephens - Acatalepsy

Danny Stephens – Acatalepsy

#17: The Mind – My attempt at comprehending the universe is by appeasing a series of curiosities by diving into any material I can find on the subject.

Sam Heywood - Disaffected

Sam Heywood – Cloud People

#17: The Mind – Clouds are ethereal, transient and beautiful – just like the emotional sensitivities of humans.

Samuel Golc - The Memory of Things-in-themselves

Samuel Golc – The Question of Mind Space

#17: The Mind – I am fascinated with art’s capability to be both a window into our inner world and a language that gives a shape to it.

Sophie Webb - Nanny

Sophie Webb – These Marks I’m Making

#17: The Mind – Art has helped me with my mental health. I draw highly detailed mandalas that help me enter a space of tranquil and calm, aiding self-reflection and inner silence

Matt Witt - The Mind

#17: The Mind – A Creative Investigation into the Human Mind

#17: The Mind – 40 artists, offering over 20,000 words and over 100 images which together form countless insights into the complexities and the simplicities of the human mind.

Beth Thomas - Dichotomy

Bethany Thomas – Dichotomy – A Thesis Extract

#17: The Mind – Even when everything can be predicted and goes well, we feel a sense of uncertainty and strive to find chaos.

Tom Lines - Probing Fingers

Tom Lines – Embodied Mind

#17: The Mind – My work comes from a personal place, it deals with my own mental state: my anxieties, my depressions and boredom.

John Williams - Internal Dialogue

John Williams – Internal Dialogue

#17: The Mind – The importance of living in the present moment rather than unnecessary dwellings in the past or trying to figure out what the future will look like.

Emily Hochman - Human Contact

Emily Hochman – Documents from the Bipolar Spectrum

#17: The Mind – My work deals almost exclusively with the mind. I am diagnosed as Bipolar 1, and although I have been in recovery for years, it’s something that affects me every day.

Noah Alexander Stein - A Pyramid Rising Out of the Sea

Noah Alexander Isaac Stein – Division and the Constructed Nature of the World

#17: The Mind – In Jungian theory, the watery deep is considered a psychological symbol of the unconscious; or the depths of the unknown that paradoxically exist both within us and beyond us.

Greta Latchford- Thou Art That

Greta Latchford – Revelations

#17: The Mind – I use creativity to process my emotions and help me integrate new, healthy ways of being

Marcela Mata Dominguez - Creativity Consciousness

Marcela Mata Dominguez – Mandalas & Meditation

#17: The Mind – Creativity is like the playroom of the mind, it’s the place where your mind can reflect all the choices you have.

Pamela Crowe - Novel Writing For Depressives - Cover

Pamela Crowe – Novel Writing for Depressives

#17: The Mind – An attempt by the author to understand the difference between pain that artists can find creatively generative and pain that artists find totally blocks creativity.

Matt Witt - The Mind - Alt

Explore The Mind – Choose your own Adventure

#17: The Mind – An alternative way to explore The Mind – Browse via themes / topics, choose your own adventure!


Hayley Canon – In Construction

#17: The Mind – Each poem is an intimate slice of life and was written, as all my writing is, in answer to that voice that comes and impels a response. The creative process is a fascination of mine.

Anthony Stevens - For Your Safety

Anthony Stevens – Said the Bird

#17: The Mind – Art and creativity are perhaps a more natural language for the mind to express itself where words might fail or be insufficient.

Elisaveta Sivas - Sculpture

Elisaveta Sivas – Getting out of the Brain

#17: The Mind – I am very interested in the the relationship between the mind and the human. In some of my artworks I try to explore this relationship and to express my ideas about it.

Zdenka Nyburg - Outside

Zdenka Nyburg – A Talk with my Brain

#17: The Mind – It was after the birth of my first child that I became enlightened to my truth; the mind pretends to be in control of things inside and outside of the self.

Barbara Kowa - I Count On You

Barbara Kowa – I Count On You

#17: The Mind – The short, intense collaboration embodies the merging of two people on a mental, physical and spiritual level, while simultaneously revealing its impossibility.

Bobbie-Jo Treglown - Where Tinnitus Goes To Die

Bobbie-Jo Treglown – Where tinnitus goes to die

#17: The Mind – I have had tinnitus since childhood. Unfortunately for me I have a brain that likes to decode things and so from an early age I spent my nights learning the language of my tinnitus.

Francesca Ricci Wish-after-Borges

Francesca Ricci – Tabula Impressa

#17: The Mind – This composite, ongoing project is broadly inspired by the Jungian concept of the collective unconscious

Matt Witt - Human copy

Matt Witt – Human

#17: The Mind – His mind came to rest in the crescent of her lashes where he laid his body in their perfect cradle.

Sam King - Descension IV

Sam King – The artwork as gateway into self-reflexivity

#17: The Mind – The reflective process needed to create a resounding piece of work teaches you to be deeply reflective about your psyche, to reflect critically with intense patience.

Emilia Wilson - Portrait 4

Emilia Wilson – Identity and Belonging

#17: The Mind – Trauma can be incorporated into one’s identity, serving not only as a turning point or reference point, but also defining one’s life and purpose.

Terry Silvestre - Our Time In The Dark

Terry Silvester – Our Time in the Dark

#17: The Mind – All my work is an existential projection of my mind and life. It is an emotion reaction, an outlet to a feeling, a deep personal endeavour that has attached itself onto my mind…

Philip Chandler - IDENTITY 2

Philip Chandler – Identity

#17: The Mind – I worked closely with my subject (who suffers from long term depression) trying to understand how this affects her life on a day to day basis.

Jack Haslam - Voices In My Head

Jack Haslam – Voices in my Head

#17: The Mind – I have a very difficult relationship with my own mind, I have psychosis and Aspergers syndrome making it difficult for me to work out whats true in my life and what is imaginary

Alistair Cooke - Train of Thought

Alistair Cooke – Train of Thought

#17: The Mind – Train of Thought is a graphical representation of all the consequences we make in everyday life. Regrets. Some intentional, some not.

Daleet Leon - Crucible

Daleet Leon – Reflections on a Reflective Universe

#17: The Mind – I often meditate outdoors. I listen and observe and try to sense beyond what is immediately available to my senses – each day has its own Being.

Chloe Wing - Memory Is My DisEase

Chloe Wing – Caged

#17: The Mind – My art is a way to understand myself and the world, to escape and find resolve where there may not be any in the present.

Franklin Lavoie - Golden Dolphin

Franklin LaVoie – Mindscape

#17: The Mind – “I’ve been interested in the mind all of my life. I turned inside-out on December 31, 1976, which is tantamount to losing one’s mind.”


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