Aim Axon – The Belly

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Aim Axon - Insignia
Aim Axon – Insignia

Merging with the elements…the morphing process…the effect of transformation. Touching on the visible and invisible, this is what stimulates my interest in Alchemy.

My work floats and grounds, expressing what’s inside and outside and seeks to unveil hidden roots and obvious insanities. Art is a way that I can bring this forth both to myself and others.

Many modern lifestyles are focused on the possession and control of matter. This is a determining factor of success. Many times this “success” goes against our vital instincts, freedoms, and common sense towards each other and the nurturing organism we call Earth. Instead, this “success” perpetuates a destructive, cannibalistic tendency, overly consuming yet never full.

Aim Axon - Planetarium
Aim Axon – Planetarium

My aim is to remedy this unbalance, to feel those inner instincts (buried oh so deep) and arouse them into the tangible realm. An act of resurgence by dancing with the elements ~ floating in dreams ~ observing science ~ gazing within the stars. I’m brought to a wander~full place where interaction with such diverse archetypes occurs. Feelings so strange, confusing, yet nearing clarity…

Aim Axon - Magic of the Morph
Aim Axon – Magic of the Morph

Magic of the Morph: This shows the process of reshaping, blending emotional states (invisible~mind+soul) with body work (visible-matter). A journey of renewal through pain, motion, understanding, and action.


The Belly: An art installation created for ‘International Sculpture Day 2018: Alchemy in 3D’. During this journey I wandered into the unknown, allowing it to reveal itself, not knowing exactly what would occur. This action of grasping in the dark brought feelings of discomfort, yet a strong urge to move forward and listen to the calling. Earthy scents and textures, soft grounding, reflections, vibrating sound, a glowing light. Combining sensory elements with longing emotions, an impulse to uncover a truth and stimulate the nature within…this is my full-bodied experiment in Alchemy.

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Life is a peculiar experience full of many expressions. What happens when you dive deep and explore the unknown?

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