Alaric Hobbs - Impossible Triangle

Alaric Hobbs – Mathematical Illustrations

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Alaric Hobbs - Impossible Triangle
Alaric Hobbs – Impossible Triangle


I’m Alaric, an artist residing in Berlin, Germany. I dislike art that is just for art’s sake. Personally, I’m moved by artwork that is visually and conceptually appealing. I try to achieve images that not only look good, but teach too.

With geometry being the main basis for each illustration, my work fits perfectly in regards to the theme ‘Numbers’. Not only because of the shapes and their part to the world of mathematics, but also because several pieces are inspired by mathematical theories.

My illustrations are mainly based on a combination of geometry and something that I find fascinating about the world. One aspect is the golden ratio (which, in maths, 2 quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the 2 quantities). Other inspirational factors are: symbolism, natural patterns and fables, just to name a few.

There are a number of examples where numbers and creativity interact. You only have to look at ancient buildings of Greece where elements of the golden ratio are used and with renaissance paintings where linear perspective and foreshortening are executed to gain the illusion of things looking three dimensional, and therefore, real.

From the amount of research I’ve done in regards to my illustrations one starts to become aware of how everything in the world is followed by a rule and set of numbers. There are so many examples in nature where patterns are followed by pi and if not, then just mere coincidence and I find that truly amazing. For example, If you look at the pattern a pufferfish makes on the seabed to try and get a mate or look at the north pole of Saturn where there is the natural shape of a hexagon you will start to realise different things about the world around us and beyond.

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