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Anastasiya Fursova – Moments in nature

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Anastasiya Fursova - Bridge
Anastasiya Fursova – Bridge

Every day I enjoy venturing outdoors. A part of my day that I put aside to escape the all the screens tie ourselves too.

I grab my camera along to share images of these moments. With a camera, you are paying deep attention to what is surrounding us outside the box. The small natural moments that get missed if you don’t soak your eyes outside.

My walks aren’t fast. I have to stop and gaze, scanning for these moments. During spring the moments changes sharply. One day its an embodiment of all the sunshine to come and the next winter snaps everything down cruelly. In these images, they are not loud moments like waterfalls and grand sunsets. But small sparkling moments that deserve to shine. These small moments push me to go outside every day.

ere is a short bio: Photography has been a strong note in my life since high school. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and I’ve explored quite a bit of it with my camera. My style is rich colors with strong tones. I like to utilize natural light searching out the best time for images to glow. Nature inspires me because you could get so many stories simply from going outside.

Instagram: @staciianna


Anastasiya Fursova - Winters Kiss
Anastasiya Fursova – Winters Kiss

Anastasiya Fursova - Petals Open
Anastasiya Fursova – Petals Open