Blake Lavergne

1 minute read

Who are you, what are you doing?
My name is Blake Lavergne and I am constantly discovering who I am. I am creating art through the mediums of drawing, painting, writing, sculpting and cooking I’ve never really questioned why I do it so much.

Why do you do it?
I just know I’ve done it as soon as I could hold a pencil and I love it more than anything else. My mother recently reminded me of how I would burst into tears when my drawings and watercolor paintings didn’t come out the way I saw them internally. I still feel as though I have that same desperation for perfection internally.

How does your work relate to the theme alchemy?
My artwork relates to the theme Alchemy because I am taking a thought and then turning such into more thoughts by thinking then turning that thinking into an idea then taking that idea and transmuting into art by plain old fashioned hard work, by adding as much detail as possible into my work.

Please tell us about one of your piece “Esoteric hysteric mystery”, what’s going on here?
My piece Esoteric Hysteric Mystic is based on a picture of myself that I took after I mapped out palm reading lines. I’m from Louisiana so I was learning that part of the culture when I discovered that my life and love line are connected on my left hand (only five percent of the population have this and it is also known to be related to mental illness). I have included the original picture in this response. I also wanted to document my studies in my art by created this piece, almost as a diary entry as Picasso would say.

What’s your interpretation of the link between art and alchemy?
My interpretation of the link between art and Alchemy is that there is no link, they are one and the same