Charlotte O’Shea – Turmoil

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My name is Charlotte Daisy O’Shea I was born in London in 1989. I have just completed a Masters Degree in Fine Art at Brighton University a few years before this I studied on the four year BA Hons Fine Art degree at Newcastle University. I have recently exhibited with Thrown Gallery in Highgate, London.

What are you doing?

My practice centres around themes of identity, existentialism and the human condition. My current body of work sits on the borders between both abstract and figurative art. Materials are very important within my work, I employ sculptural techniques using unconventional methods and tools. My way of working is very gestural, organic and liberating. I utilise various materials including linen, cotton, wood, canvas, paper, often using pallet knives instead of brushes.

Why do you do it?

From a very young age art has always been my passion. My process of making art is focussed on capturing a visceral emotion and conveying this through the medium of drawing, painting and print making.

How does your work relate to the theme alchemy?

I enjoy the alchemy of painting and drawing itself. I am fascinated by the interplay between materiality and surface and how these two elements interact to transform a work of art.

Please tell us about one of your submitted pieces, (turmoil) what’s going on here?

Turmoil is a mixed media painting on paper this work was created using a combination of charcoal and acrylic paint. I wanted to evoke movement and energy within the portrait, I have used a monochromatic palette and this exchange between light and dark tones help to articulate the emotion within the piece, drawing the viewer in deeper and offering up a dialogue between viewer and artwork.

What’s your interpretation of the link between art and alchemy?

For me the link between art and alchemy is very strong. The physical process of creation is very alchemic, this paired with components such as passion, emotion and subject all intertwine to create something magical.

Find Charlotte here: @charlottedaisyoshea