Protoformic Landscape - Conor Fagan

Conor Fagan

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Sanguine Primordium - Conor Fagan

I’m an Artist currently residing in Roswell, New Mexico. I’m about 9 months into a 12-month residency here at the Roswell Artist in Residency. I’ve just had my solo opening at the Roswell Museum and Arts Center here and I found your invitation intriguing.

The idea of myth has become confused in a world dominated by continually shrinking spheres of thought and influence. On the one hand, I see the ideas of the myth in its original sense as life-affirming. Lately, in the era of Fake News and capitalism run amok, I’m not sure that the idea of the myth is often pleasant. It’s a complicated topic to be sure.

My show is titled “This is not That”. My work functions as a kind of subterfuge to the rational mind. I employ realist tactics, but create environments and objects that escape the viewer’s ability to identify them. I believe my work functions as a kind of empty mythology, a map of the dream mind without an attempt to fully categorize or define.

This is not to say that any useful information can be extracted from my imagery, unless one believes, as I do, that phenomena are inherently empty. If you enjoy the two images attached, feel free to peruse my website at the bottom of this email.

Menhir - Conor Fagan
Menhir – Conor Fagan