Edition #14 – Chance

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This edition will be left completely up to chance. We will accept articles and art from artists working with chance, coincidence, synchronicity, spontaneity and happy accidents. 

Here at Wake up screaming we are fascinated by the spiritual / psychological associations of coincidence and interested in learning more about it from a Jungian perspective as well as via the I Ching – ancient Chinese divinatory tool. 

We will display the work of artists working directly with chance, we are also seeking short written depictions of synchronistic experiences.  We will consider work from some of the artists we chance upon, or who chance upon us, whether or not their work relates to chance or not. Making the most of spontaneous connections that occur throughout this month, w


Do you work with chance? Does your work deal with synchronicity, are you a spontaneous artist? Do you make the most of happy accidents? Do you live in a world where synchronicity guides you, have you studied synchronicity from a Jungian perspective? If so, why not consider sending some of your work, and / or  sharing a short article about your experiences. 

We are also looking for short written accounts of synchronistic experiences. 

The pages of edition #14 will be open to submissions from artists in all forms. We are looking primarily for artist’s work and research relating to or inspired by chance, synchronicity, spontaneity.  Perhaps you would like to put together some images and write some accompanying words telling us about your relationship with chance, and how it inspires you creatively. 

We are accepting art in all its forms: visual pieces, writing, illustration, painting, drawing, animation, music, sound, photography, video, multimedia, films, installations, movement, dance, noise, soundscapes, songs, collaborations, creative writing, poetry and short articles 600 – 1200 words.

Or any combination of the above – we particularly like amalgamation and cross-pollination between mediums. 

New work, old work, published or not we are an open space designed for artists to respond honestly to interesting themes that we hope teach us something about ourselves and how to be. 

Please read the full submission guidelines and some previous editions, to understand the sort of submissions we are looking for. 



  • Please send your submissions to Matt@wakeupscreaming.com 
  • Please title the email “Submissions – #14 – Chance”
  • Tell us why the theme interests you and how your work relates to the theme. 
  • Attach images as .jpg at min 1500px width < 1.5 mb
  • Please title images like this: artist-name-and-name-of-piece.jpg
  • Send poems in the body of the email – no more than 4 poems per submission
  • Video – send a Youtube or Vimeo link
  • Music, send your SoundCloud or video link. 
  • Include your name, the names of your works, your location
  • Include a description of why the theme interests you and how your work relates. 
  • Include a link to your portfolio, and social media accounts if applicable. 

Deadline: 12 Noon GMT Thur 6th September

Release: New Moon Sun 9th September

We look forward to reviewing your submissions. 


I am Matt Witt, illustrator, artist, writer, musician… a human that likes to indulge in his creativity.

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