Erika Petunovienė – Vilnius Lithuania

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Who are you?
Erika Petunovienė (nickname AYTĖ). I have a masters degree in Art and Technology. I have drawn since childhood

What do you do?

My images are inspired by the themes of universal dualism (masculine and feminine origins), of light, of constant dynamic movement, of the main human emotions – peace, joy and love. The themes are inspired by harmony, rhythm and flow of music. My work combines two of these influences – external (human actions, nature, external events) and internal (thoughts, feelings, emotions, mood and behaviour).

This universe, which contains both the present and the invisible worlds, as the cosmic soul, is infused with the energy of both nature and human life. Erika Petunovienė is united and captured in paintings.

Why do you do it?

I create paintings on topical issues, highlighting not the problem, but revealing the ways of solving it in the paintings and urging to turn to each other, to stop, to feel, to find time for himself and a pabulum for his soul.

What does the theme “In My Town” mean to you?

The theme is very important and significant. No matter what country a person comes from, the city or town in which he lives is home. And the place of birth is the birthplace of the house of his heart. This topic is very wide, it can be very differently depicted and create a lot of pictures. For me the theme of the city is very interesting.

My painting “Old Town at night” (featured below) is full of parts of me, and filled with deep feelings. When everyone falls asleep when the night comes, you are left alone with your own city. You feel your city, you can smell, hear, you see it. Looks like he’s talking to you that he’s alive. Magical connection and experience.

Erika Petunove - Old Town at Night
Erika Petunove – Old Town at Night


The piece featured below (tryptic) “Oldest, older, newest”. I wanted to touch every time, to know, stay with it, analyze it. Each historical period is very important and interesting, the oldest houses hide many stories and memories, they are heritage. Older houses are quite different with architecture, and their story. And the latest, newest buildings are a story of our day, of course, they are somewhat pushing past and old houses out.

What’s life like as an artist in Vilnius?

It’s wonderful to live in my hometown in Vilnius. There are many heritage sites, Vilnius is the most beautiful old town in the Baltic States. We have a lot of green areas, parks, forests and meadows. The town is very beautiful and awesome. The small minus is that this is a small country and very difficult due to lack of exhibitions and projects.

What is happening In Your Town?

Each year, the capital of Lithuania Vilnius becomes more free, more popular, there are many concerts, fairs, events. Vilnius is definitely worth a visit. We have a wonderful Cathedral Square, the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and many other places of heritage.

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