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Francesca Ricci Wish-after-Borges

Tabula Impressa is a collaborative project by artist Francesca Ricci and writer Kiril Bozhinov. All the artworks are by Francesca Ricci, based on a collection of signs photographed by Kiril Bozhinov, who is also the author of the project’s vocabulary and texts. This composite, ongoing project is broadly inspired by the Jungian concept of the collective unconscious – man is not born as a blank canvas, but carries in himself common memories of an ancestral background.

The starting point is a collection of signs photographed on the pavements of London, marking impending maintenance work. A panorama of archetypes is layered upon personal and collective history and generates a universe of signs and symbols that can overlap across centuries, cultures and fields of human knowledge.

Text and images 2018 © Francesca Ricci & Kiril Bozhinov

Excerpts from the document are included below.

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