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Franklin Lavoie – Golden Dolphin

I’ve been interested in the mind all of my life. I turned inside-out on December 31, 1976, which is tantamount to losing one’s mind. I experienced vivid altered states of consciousness and archetypal imaginings in profound and often disturbing ways. Yet, I managed to emerge into a new self, 13 years later, when I “fell” from the sky, back into my physical body.

Jungian psychology played an important role in helping me make sense of my unusual experiences, as having some precedent, and being of an initiatory nature. The Arts have been the glue which has given meaning, expression, and relevance to my life and healing.



What I can capture on paper in words seems less than I can stir through the imagination,

Those thoughts which fade instantly seem far profounder.

As when a landscape rich in details may elude the reminiscence of the wanderer

So do these nuances of thought merge with the whiteness of the paper in front of me.

As two forest which fuse, their vines intercepting the light and territory of each other,

Human minds proceed thus: elementary particles of airy nothing, yet extensions of everything.

Even the rudimentary particles of changing thoughts seem neither here nor there,

And each insight collapses beneath a framework of new perceptions.

The mind itself emerges with the strength of mountains

Where, trails are blazed, or razed, between then and now.

Where the heart contends with the fusion of beauty and ugliness

Beneath the storming of the mind

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