Full Moon Update – 27th August

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Wake up Screaming
Full Moon Update

This Month’s Theme: Chance
Deadline: 12 Noon GMT Thu 6th Sep

Hi everyone, I don’t know about you, but this full moon turned me upside down. I am sitting patiently with some rather overwhelming feelings and wondering whether I should be sharing this with you at all. During these times of intense inward looking, I tend to hide away, be less social.

That was the intention this weekend. Glastonbury, however, had different plans for me, setting up a string of opportunities to help work with and through this period and push me to continue this month’s investigation into chance. 

The Heart of Uruguay arrived in Glastonbury and the UK for the first time this week and on Saturday night I had the opportunity to meditate with the stone. It’s an agate geode in the shape of a human heart, split in two, to reveal a crystalline wonderland. It has an inviting shape just asking you to peer inside. When you do you are treated to a wonderful sight: it’s inlaid with a smooth pearly agate, which is encrusted with patches of quartz crystals that form intriguing symbols and patterns on the inner surface. They are naturally formed but some have uncanny resemblances to human symbols. 

It is a natural work of art, predicted to be around 1.3 million years old and was found in Uruguay 40 years ago and was kept by a family after they salvaged it from the quarry. The stone is said to hold the energy of unity, it’s symbols are universal and interpreted differently by each culture the stone travels through. Each culture lays upon the stone its own interpretation based on its own spiritual or educational background. 

The Heart of Uruguay travels the world under the care of Michel Alméras, who met the stone in 2008 and has since dedicated his life to carting it around the globe for 9 months of the year.  The stone has travelled the world connecting with people, without much conscious effort from Michael, the stone seems to make its own way around the globe, is’s journey supported by Michael and a growing family that has connected with and experienced the power of the stone.

The stone looks and feels special, many say it heals and causes shifts in behaviour. Although there is only anecdotal evidence for this. I was encouraged to meditate in its presence and reached a deep relaxing state. At one point I felt like I was in a large golden chamber like there was a force field produced by the stone that sat like a dome around the entire house, my form seemed to turn inward, concave like a golden bowl. My hands felt like they grew in size as if some strong energy was radiating from them. 

It feels like a privilege to witness this piece of the earth. On Sunday I went to see it again, both times I left the room feeling a great deal more relaxed and focused than I had arrived.

Chance seems to be providing a path through this challenging full moon period, not only in my encounters with the stone but in my personal investigations. I have been looking at the subject in relation to creativity and sitting on some pleasant thought trains; learning about John Cage’s use of the I Ching in his music, reading deeper into Jung’s interpretations and reading many real-life examples of synchronistic events, I think it might be leading to the conclusion that creativity and synchronicity are inextricably linked. 

This week, I will meet Paul Weston a local author who keeps obsessive logs of his mundane life events with the aim of studying the patterns in his behaviour. I am deeply intrigued by this sort of intense self-observation.

I see Paul a lot around Glastonbury and went to one of his talks in 2014, but we have never spoken to each other. Recently, random encounters were on the up so I thought I had better reach out and see if there was anything the universe wanted us to say about synchronicity. 

Edition #14 will be more intimate than the previous trees epic. We have an interview with Paul, a selection of art from artists working within the realms of chance, I will talk about the I Ching and rant on about synchronicity and creativity, plus I hope there will be a little pot of coincidental joy in the form of individual experiences of synchronicity, contributed by our readers. 

I wonder where else chance will lead us before the New Moon arrives. 

See you in two weeks.

Matt x

Reading list:

The heart of Uruguay
Synchronicity and creativity
John Cage – Music of Changes
Paul Weston

Call for artists

#14 Chance – Submissions open

Deadline: 12 Noon GMT Thu 6th Sep

Release: New Moon Sun 9th Sep

Do you work with chance? Does your work deal with synchronicity, are you a spontaneous artist? Do you make the most of happy accidents? Do you live in a world where synchronicity guides you, have you studied synchronicity from a Jungian perspective? If so, why not consider sending some of your work, and / or  sharing a short article about your experiences. 

Please view our submission guidelines and previous editions before submitting your work.



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