Full Moon Update – 28th June

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Full Moon Update

This Month’s Theme: The Sun
Deadline: 12 Noon GMT Wed 11th Jul

This solstice month we are celebrating The Sun and its Solar System; and what a show the sun has put on here in Glastonbury UK. 

This month’s research into The Sun has so far lead me deep into astrological realms, I have been fascinated by learning the basics of reading a birth chart. I am deciphering the planetary positions at the time of my birth, learning about the personalities of the planets, the signs, the aspects, conjunctions and houses, and starting to uncover the little intricacies that certain pairs of planets can add when they are conjunctive or aspecting.

I have learned that I have a stellium in the 12th house, which means that 4 or more planets fall in the same house. In my case 3 planets, Mercury Venus and Jupiter, and The Sun fall in my 12th house. This Quora article gives a good overview of this affliction!

“The 12th house has been called the house of the unconscious, and people with strong placements here have an especially strong relationship with the unconscious, and perhaps a greater duty than others to work at becoming conscious of themselves and their motives.”

Meanwhile, my Sun and Ascendent signs are Scorpio, a water sign, and my moon is in Cancer, another water sign. Here’s what the astrology blog “Stars Like You” have to say about the Moon in Cancer, which I can strongly relate to.

“You are likely to be strongly driven by emotion, influenced by your own ever-changing moods, as well as the moods of those around you. As the Moon is cyclic in nature, waxing and waning as it orbits the Earth, you too are likely to be a cyclical being. You are more influenced by your own inner cycles and instincts than logic or routine.”

I am aware that I am barely scraping the surface, there are many more depths and layers to descend through here. With the aim of learning more about these things I will have a reading with Astrologer friend, Jeremy Hillpot. I last received a reading at his home in Cusco in July 2017 when he introduced me to my chart. A year on, I am keen to recap on that and to ask how The Sun and it’s planets are currently effecting my life as they transit.

For now… 


Reading list:

Explore your birth chart
Moon in Cancer
12th House Stellium
Sun in 12th House


Here are some further announcements and opportunities to get involved in this month’s edition:

Open Submissions – Submissions are open on the theme “The Sun”  – You can read more here: Submission guidelines. In particular, we are looking for illustrators keen to create pictures for the stories we will be displaying.

Calling Illustrators – We are seeking illustrators to create pictures to accompany some stories we will publish in this months edition. We can offer a small fee. Please get in touch with matt@wakeupsceaming.com to have a chat.

Calling Astrologers – I would like to share my birth chart with some more astrologers, please get in touch if you are keen to give your input. Email matt@wakeupsceaming.com and I’ll send my chart to you.

Call for artists

#12 The Sun – Submissions open

Deadline: 12 Noon GMT Wed 11th Jul

Release: New Moon Fri 13th Jul

This solstice month, as the evening stretches out and nearly touches the morning, we are dedicating our pages to the exploration of The Sun. This edition will focus on researching the way humans relate to the sun in the past and present, and how our relationship might develop in the future.

Please view our submission guidelines and previous editions before submitting your work.



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