Gaz Mandala – Glastonbury

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Gaz Mandala – Creating a mandala at Glastonbury Market Cross

M.W. In my town, Glastonbury, there is a man called Gaz Mandala who creates chalk mandalas on the pavement. Each mandala is unique and accompanied by a spiritual quote. They never last long, washed away by the next rain shower – #impermanence. 

This is Gaz’s main income, he tends to make around £20 a day in the summer months. Gaz is from Tyne-side and ended up in Glastonbury after some life events. He stayed in Salisbury for a while before heading to Glastonbury where he found a welcoming community. He has no artistic background except having created portraits as a teenager. Glastonbury pulled him into this artistic field. 

He plans to create workshops for youngsters, teaching them how to create these works for themselves. I might well join that workshop. 

This is a man in the flow of life, at ease with his impermanence and the impermanence of his art, dedicating himself to his creativity, allowing the universe to charge his works and in turn, he receives the money he needs to get by. 

We need more people like Gaz!