Glyn Kitcatt – Abbey Tree

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Gly Kitcatt - Abbey Tree
Gly Kitcatt – Abbey Tree

mw: I spotted Glyn while walking in Glastonbury Abbey Grounds, he was working on some lovely pen and ink drawings. I decided to have a chat with him:

What do you do?
I work at Millfield as a cleaner but also freelance as an illustrator.

Why do you do it?
I love art and see it as both a creative and emotional release.

Please tell us about the featured piece.
The tree is in the Abbey grounds here in town, a glorious venue to contemplate.

Why did you move to Glastonbury?
I moved here from Wales 8 years ago to start a new life and really discover myself which is ongoing but illuminating.

What do you like about Glastonbury?
Glastonbury is a Pilgrimage venue, there is always something going on. This is a fabulous part of Somerset littered with ancient and medieval mysteries and histories. A great place to live and work.