Gordon Field – Talking to the Trees

2 minute read

Just over ten years ago I had what can only be described as an ‘out of body’ experience in an ancient woodland in southern Brittany. As I came to terms with what happened I realised that the trees had made a connection with me.

Through dowsing I am able to talk to trees. At first it was finding out about each tree’s well-being and energy levels but as I gained their trust they started to reveal much more. Now they give me their ages, histories and how we can work with them to find a way forward.

The overall message they have been giving me is that we have to reconnect to our planet through them. We have reached a point where dramatic changes are on the way and the only way to survive them is through our reconnection to the natural world.

Each time I visit the ancient wood in Brittany it is always with a sense of trepidation.

What will I find?

On one visit I sensed a strange presence in the wood. It turned out to be my green self, part man, part tree and part water. A true Green Man!

The most important revelation in the wood was the discovery of the first of the Dragon Lines. These are powerful bands of water based energy that flow in the earth below us. Along the Dragon Line I found the first of many oak trees that are Beacon Trees. These trees are growing in power along with Beacon Springs and Wells to help balance the energies of the earth. These Beacon Trees are revealing hidden and forgotten knowledge to guide and strengthen us, enabling us to reach new levels of understanding. As the energies get stronger they will become the Trees of Life and Knowledge.

My role as an artist/tree dowser is to search out these powerful trees by mapping them out on the Dragon Lines that cross our landscapes. Each tree reveals special stories and insights which I then interpret through artworks, notes and talks. These form the foundations of my work with the Tree Guardians chosen by the trees to start healing the earth and in the process ourselves.

All my artworks are based on what the trees have revealed to me through dowsing and visions. ‘Green Alter-Ego’ an image of my green self is a work in felted wool. ‘Tree Deva’ is a representation of energised trees, ‘the shining ones’ which are strengthening our biosphere and is a work constructed from coppiced hazel. ‘Beacon Tree Energies’ is based on the energies that surround powerful beacon trees and is a work in drilled and burned wood.

Find gordon here: artisttreedowser.com