Heather Lowe – Bicameral Chance

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I am a full time artist and have been making and exhibiting art for over 30 years. I began as a painter, interested in optical work and perception, explored stereo imagery and now work with lenticulars.

I’ve done many kinds of artmaking including etching, watercolor, and collage. Visual art is a means of expression where I am the happiest. It is the highest form of being human.

What’s your relationship with chance / synchronicity?

I have had several experiences with synchronicity so I do believe there are threads in time that connect us. There was an experience I had when I felt that all my movements were completely reflected in others passing me while I was walking down a crowded street. I have also felt that moment when a certain location is pivotal in describing the rest of the universe as Dali described the Perpignan Railway Station when he had proclaimed it to be the “Center of the Universe” after experiencing a vision of cosmogonic ecstasy.

Chance is an important element in all my work so that I can allow natural forces to enter that are not in my control.

Tell us about your submitted piece

This was sort of a throw of dice in a bicameral way. In an experiment I tried reaching out to a few people I know and who I believe are capable of listening to an inner spirit. I was hoping they would find me through another state of mind and arrive at the video. I created four short videos and put them on youtube, used a sort of convocation by stitching together some of their images and art. I never let them know I made this. One artist did see the images because in a synchronistic moment –another friend created an FB dedication page the same day!– so I broke my rule and exposed it. It seemed enough of a coincidence and connection to me.

You made this piece of art to communicate with other artists on another plane?
I wanted them to find something I had placed in the web, in the universe, but I wanted to try to contact them through an unconventional means.

Did you achieve this objective?
Not yet.

What do you understand sychronicity to be?
To me it is an experience when different kinds of space/times connect. It is often a feeling of a kind of ecstasy, at one with the universe.
I also think it may be a way to bridge consciousness.

How does synchronicity relate to creativity?
It is a validation, or evidence of creativity.

Find Heather here: www.heatherlowelenticular.com