Henning S Pettersen – Urban Camouflage

1 minute read


I bought a camera on sale about 10 years ago. The plan was to document my holidays, and I decided to learn how to use it. I ended up walking around Oslo taking pictures, and I have continued doing that ever since, pictures of things that I find interesting – situations, objects, persons, light, etc. I enjoy curating the photos I take into different series, trying to establish patterns in my own stream of photographs and hopefully sometimes they can bring meaning to others then myself too.

For me chance plays an important part in photography (and of course in life in general). You never know what you might find when you wander around. I think this unknown potential for chance is one of the things that makes it interesting to do photography. I feel I need to be on the look out to recognize when I have a chance to do a good photo, and then try to get the best possible result within that short window of opportunity.

Now and then I notice people who fit into their surroundings, matching colors or shapes, like they put on camouflage before entering the urban jungle. So I’ve collected some photos of this into a series. It is a good example of a project build on chance. I cannot plan these random events, just try to notice them when they occur, and keep having a camera ready.

Find Henning here: henningspettersen.com