Full Moon Update

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Wake up Screaming
Full Moon Update

This Month’s Theme: Myth
Deadline: Midday (GMT) 13th Feb

Imbolc Greetings this January Blue Moon

Imbolc is a Celtic celebration that falls on the 1st-2nd February, it marks the beginning of the lambing season and the arrival of Spring. Imbolc means “In the belly”, a reference to lambing sheep, but may have had other meanings attached to it such as rebirth and cleansing.

Traditionally the festival begins on the evening of the 31st Jan, that’s tonight! When bonfires are lit to represent the return of the sun and the lengthening of the days.

This day is also the feast day of Brigid, a Celtic (and adopted Christian) Princess, Goddess, and focus of worship in various forms across the centuries. She represents many aspects of the feminine and is said to be a Triune (triple) diety, a multi-aspect goddess of Poetry, Smithcraft and healing. More can be learned here: https://goo.gl/q5HRUk and here: https://goo.gl/m33vpH

Over the last two weeks, I have been exploring myth and becoming more intrigued and consumed by the day. It’s a difficult subject to pin down and I find myself chasing its understanding like a dream fading into the morning.

I have come across numerous theories that have helped amalgamate my sparse understanding of the subject. I am quite taken by the idea that myth has unconsciously seeped up from my core, penetrated my internal world and been led out into the real world through art and through some core behaviours and drives in life.

I have become obsessed with the archetypal/mythical image of the ship, a prominent feature of my inner world for long as I can remember. The following piece is an initial exploration of the theme. It highlights the depth and layers of myth as a subject. It attempts to explore metaphor, what is being described on the surface may only be a representation of what lies beneath.

Like myth, this piece is open to interpretation. Are the whales and the outer circle of sea creatures coordinating, or, are the whales providing a submerged protection to the ship, keeping the creatures at bay? Is the ship in communication with the whales and what might be the precious cargo on board? 

These ideas and more will be developed further in the 7th edition, released on February’s New Moon. We will also have contributions from international artists and writers working with myth to enhance their creative lives. 

See you soon. 

Matt Witt



Call for artists

#7 – Myth – Submissions open

Theme: Myth

Deadline: Midday, Tue 13th Feb 2018

Release: New moon – Thu 15th Feb 2018

The 7th edition of Wake up Screaming is now open for submissions on the theme “Myth”.

Are you an artist working with myths? How can the stories of old help us to navigate our inner worlds and life in modern times? How does the study of myth help you to learn about yourself, to orientate to the world and to create?

We are seeking visual pieces, illustration, painting, drawings, animation, music, writing, poetry and short articles < 600 words. Please check out our submission guidelines and previous editions before submitting work.

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