January update

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Hello, Wake up screaming subscribers.

Wake up screaming has reached its 7th edition and is now metamorphosising. The last two editions have had over 300 readers. It shows there is an audience and perhaps a need for this sort of open exploration of themes.

With this in mind, we have decided to take stock and make some decisions to develop and improve future editions and to connect with a larger audience.

Release dates

From now on we will produce only 1 edition per month. We will use the New Moon to release the current theme and set a new theme for the forthcoming moon cycle.

This is for a few reasons:

Firstly, I had a really valuable insight into time and pressure and how we were not being loyal to the moon’s cycles by releasing twice a month. Personally, I have realised that it’s too intense to release two editions per month, it’s not giving us enough time to research the themes as well as work with contributing artists.

We need to chill out a bit and allow for a complete moon cycle to really get to grips with ourselves and create quality work around the themes.

Secondly, some feedback from readers and contributing artists is that there is not enough time to consider the theme and produce something of worth. Launch dates come and go too quickly, a lot of artists are finding our calls after the edition has been launched.

A complete moon cycle will allow us to create more developed volumes and allow for more in-depth exploration of themes. We will create fewer editions, but with more artists and more interesting and original creative responses. This plan also gives us more time to promote previous editions and get the volumes seen by larger numbers of people.

Proving a full moon cycle to research and respond to themes is more in line with moons natural cycle, setting our new themes/intentions with the New Moon, investigating and reiterating our intention with the Full Moon and releasing the edition when the moon phase is complete.

Let’s give it some time and see what happens.



Catch up on volumes

For those who might have missed an edition, here are all the volumes so far:

For those who might have missed an edition, here are all the volumes so far:

#7 – Myth & Archetype

#6 – An investigation of dreams

#5 – Devotion

#4 – The Ocean

#3 – The Woods

#2 – Childhood

#1 – The Mountains