Javier Alanis – Psychonaut Machine

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My name is Javier Alanis, I am a mexican artist currently based in Denmark. My main creative outlet is a project called Psychonaut Machine. This project covers a wide range of topics, from psychedelic substances / entheogens, to the contemplation of nature (systems, anatomy, structures) and our surroundings, sacred geometry etc.

The concept of chance plays a crucial role in the development of my work. I intend to unlock, discover and portray new/hidden worlds; Parallel realities and alternate universes that exist within our basic conception of existence and what is real. One of my favorite tools to use is a Lomo LC-A+ camera that allows you shoot as many times as you want into the same frame.

This tool in combination with the element of chance allows me to unlock other worlds. But it is only chance that allows these worlds to be discovered, as I have experienced many many times photos that are discarded. Chance is where I break free from conventional aesthetics, rules and compositions.

Sometimes it just means being in the right place at the right time.

Chance allows me to grow as an artist without restrictions, and motivates me to continue experimenting.

Find Javier here: instagram.com/psychonautmachine/