Jessica Vorheis – Behold

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Jessica Vorheis – Behold

Who are you?

My name is Jessica Vorheis and I’m an acrylic painter.

What are you doing?

I’m currently a stay-at-home mom to my 2-year-old, which keeps me very busy. I still am able to carve out plenty of time to create though. Currently I’m working on a new series called Who We Are. We’ll see where it goes and what story it ends up telling.

Where can we find you?

I live in Eastern Washington. I’m home a lot being as we don’t live close to town. I’m either in one of two places; inside painting or outside getting fresh air!

Why do you do what you do?

It just feels right. There isn’t this intense drive behind me, like it’s my whole life’s purpose to paint, but it is something that would feel wrong to not do. It gives me a lot of happiness to paint but I also love the challenge of composing a scene and being imaginative and translating personal experiences into surreal scenes.

How does your work relate to the theme “The Great Outdoors”?

All my art pieces are full of nature! Nature is a breathing and living thing, there is something spiritual about nature, either outrightly or just symbolically. And that is why I use it so much in my work, other than for the fact that it is timelessly beautiful.

Jessica Vorheis - Spirit
Jessica Vorheis – Spirit

Can you tell us about the pieces: “Behold” I also like “Light unto my path” and “Spirit” – what’s going on in them?

These paintings are inspired by scripture, but it’s not quite that simple. I read my bible and pray daily so, spiritual things are always sort of on my mind.

“Light Unto My Path” was sort of how I’ve seen my own journey through life; sometimes it’s been an adventure and most of the time unknown. I don’t know what lies ahead but I have to keep on walking. I trust that light that is guiding me.

“Behold” came to be beholding the glory of God. We can see his attributes in nature. “Behold” is how I see those attributes, in a wild and whimsical way. I think I see things differently than most people. I’ll notice the way light touches a part of a cloud. I’ll notice the beauty of blue-ish shadows on a mountain.

All of these artworks, including “Spirit” and others, are my imaginative take on my own experiences and my faith.

What can nature teach us about ourselves?

I know nature has taught me about God. In a way he has spoken to me through nature. Maybe that’s why I find it to be so symbolic, because God has spoken to me, using nature as a metaphor for His character.

What can you say about how your faith inspires you, or guides your work/life?

As I’m pondering my life and daily experiences images will pop into my head, pictures that symbolize the feelings I’m having or the beliefs I’m forming and honing in on. My faith is part of my daily life, so it’s always on my mind and playing a huge roll in forming those pictures in my head. My life and my faith are one in the same and guides everything I do. It plays a roll in my art in a subconscious way.

What attracted you to submit to Wake up Screaming?

The themes for each edition intrigue me and I really like that there seems to be an element of openness amongst the contributors.