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The Calling - Jodie Day

What ‘Myth’ means to me and its relationship with my creative practice.

Myths to me, serve as mystical stories, the origins of which are not entirely known, so therefore, can be deemed as neither true or false. But what is true, is the power and impact they have on a society, most of which last generations.

I believe that Myths evolve, just like a game of Chinese Whispers. There had to be a starting point, some element of truth, which over time more is added to, to create something wonderous and questionable in its existence. Because Myths are born of the past, it is hard to distinguish what is fact or fiction and it is with this in mind that my work is created.

I take a ‘Fact’ (something we know for certain exists) cut it out and place it besides some other non-related ‘Fact’ and so on until I end up with a world that is totally unreal in nature yet full of facts.

Jodie Day


The Flood - Jodie Day
The Flood – Jodie Day


Web of Eyes – Jodie Day & Jody Bee – Collaboration