Joey Greenstone - Jaguar

Joey Greenstone

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Joey lives in Peru and works with the indigenous healing and ceremonial practices of South America. 

This is a design inspired by the ancient and sacred site Chavin de Huantar, Perú. Original name not certain, but it could have quite possibly been ‘Chaupin’, which means “center” in the Quechua dialect of that region.The site is at least 3000 years old, but I believe probably even older.  It is the epicentre and origin of the Wachuma medicine.

The Jaguar is one of the 3 sacred animals of Chavin, which correspond to the 3 levels of the Chacana, or Andean Cross. In Cusco, the 3 animals are snake, puma, and condor. But, in Chavin– which is one of the first epicentres of civilization in the Andes parallel with or just after Tihuanaco, it was the Jaguar instead of the Puma.

The feline represents power in the physical plane. It is morphing into a stone jaguar head that once adorned the principle pyramid/temple. Many people believe that those stone heads, called “Cabezas Clavas” represented former high priests in their shape-shifting states after ingesting Wachuma. 

Chavin is a temple dedicated to the medicine and a place of initiation, so for me the drawing represents the transformation of the human from the normal state of consciousness in the physical realm (the Kay Pacha) to the etheric or ascended state. 

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