Johanna Porter – Last Fall

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Who are you, what do you do, why do you do it?
My name is Johanna Porter- my art is tagged PicturesWithin. I’m a visual and graphic artist living in Hollywood, FL. Being a native South Floridian is truly a love/hate relationship. The frustrations of navigating a congested urban landscape is counterbalanced by intense moments of beauty and kinship within this constructed paradise.

I have always made art. I approach my work in the studio as therapy- to explore social, gender, environmental and political issues through the lens of my internal microscope. What results are visual allegories- tall tales of solitude and companionship, using a repository of organic shapes, animal symbolism and pervasive sub-tropical color.

What’s your relationship with rest?

Although rest is something I cherish, I find myself getting less solid sleep lately. Not because of too much to do- rather, my mind is like an idea factory with late night shifts. Because I work as a freelance I can sometimes manage to sneak in a few “power-naps” during the week- that usually keeps me re-charged and creatively inspired.

How does your piece relate to the theme?

It’s called Last Fall. This digital drawing reflects on the way a relationship sometimes just needs a rest. Our hearts may still be full of love and longing but there is no energy left to pursue further growth. Quiet time alone is often the best medicine.

How can rest improve us creatively?

When I do achieve REM sleep, my dreams are filled with strange visions which I often incorporate into my artwork. Often I leave myself half-asleep voice messages on my iphone which I listen to when I wake up. My dreams and subconscious drive my artwork forward in unexpected ways. Each piece starts as a drawing on paper where I can process raw emotions. I then digitize the art and begin adding layers of color and form, slowly building until the underlying drawing is like a dream that is forgotten upon waking.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My current toolkit includes my sketchbook, ink pens, an intuos tablet, iphone, laptop and the adobe creative suite. Working digitally, I can travel and work anywhere there is an electrical outlet and wifi. This gives me freedom to explore places and cultures- as I digest new experiences, my art is evolving.

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