Joseph Whitney – Trollmors Vuggesang

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“Trollmors Vuggesang” – A traditional Norwegian/ Swedish folksong. 

This mysterious and intriguing submission is a short video based on a Norwegian nursery Rhyme, Trollmors Vussegang, which vaguely translates as Troll Mother’s song. The song sings about a troll mother singing her 11 little trolls to sleep. 

The song has been re-recorded and released by many people via youtube: See this link

Norwegian lyrics:
Når trollmor har lagt sine elleve små troll,
og bundet dem fast i svansen.
da synger hun sakte for elleve små troll,
de vakreste ord hun kjenner.

When the troll mother has put her eleven little trolls to bed,
and tied their tails together
she sings softly for her eleven little trolls
the most beautiful words she knows.

Translated by: Monika Aakvaag.


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