Julia Naurzalijeva – Bark Patterns and Textures

1 minute read

Trees cross countries and continents , trees are almost every where. And almost every time when I look at trees, I am in awe of their beauty. I marvel at their shape, sculptural features or the color and texture of their leaves.

If I move I move closer and spend some time examining each tree, I could discover an outstanding diversity of bark patterns and textures, thick or thin plated, rough or silky smooth, wavy or straight lined, ribbed or ridged, cracked or bumpy. Bark shows me the work of intense hidden energy circulating in a living being.

We assume that trees as living beings also have souls. But consciousness level of trees souls’ is different. Trees also have feelings and special powers. They also can catch the human imagination and feelings. Beings, which possess different consciousness levels, cannot communicate. But we can take comfort in leaning against a tree trunk or lying on the ground beneath the branches. We can gain the wisdom and tranquility from trees and be inspired by their way of living.

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