Julian .F. Woodford – The Bagpipe Maker’s Baby

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The Bagpipe Maker’s Baby: Running time: 37 mins

A short film fairy tale; a magical story with a realist flavour. The Bagpipe Maker’s Baby is the tale of a man who is asked by a mysterious figure to repair an unrepairable bagpipe. Once he begins the impossible task, he finds the characters he meets on the way and even the pipes themselves are part of something much more, and the reality of his situation begins to unfold before him.


Let this be a record
of what’s about to come,
and what she has seen,
but only now passed on,
our faces in her dream,
unadulterated, free,
gathered late at night
at a clearing in the trees;
one smiling as he stands,
one about to sing
and motions with his hand
fire circles in the dark,
while another paints the sky
with fading lines of sunset,
and a hardened silver face
proudly stands alone;
and the animals are here…
a dog lick to a hand,
a cat scratch on a knee,
antlers in the shadows,
while bonfires’ sparks
rise up, invade the night,
to reveal our gathering below,
then upwards, brighter
these red stars show us all,
our happy dancing souls.

Julian. F. Woodford

Julian F. Woodford is a Hull-based writer. He is a producer/writer at Dead Bod Films (www.DeadBodFilms.com) which is behind the successful, award-winning short films The Bagpipe Maker’s Baby and Clouds, out now, and the feature film One Summer While You Were Away, which is in post-production.

The poetry film Clouds has been longlisted at the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival in the US, and has been screened internationally including in Paris, New York.

His other poetry has been widely published, including in Ink, Sweat and Tears and Poetry Nottingham, among others; he has brought out two poetry pamphlets, Made In Germany and the First 3 Months of ’83, and has received an Ontario Arts Council grant for his collection Houseblood.

Find Julian here: @jfwoodford