Julija Goyd - Figures Untitled 01

Julija Goyd – Grapheme-Colour Synethsesia

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Grapheme-colour synesthesia means when individual’s perception of numbers is associated with the experience of colors. This ability to associate numbers with colors I have since I was a child. When I think of one or another number, in my imagination it appears as a specific colour. Due to this sensorial experience I was always able to memorise long and complex combination of numbers in a form of a colour palette.

Only recently I started researching more about synesthesia, first on an individual level, and lately through my artistic practise. For the first series titled “Figures” I chose a combination of numbers one and zero – where zero is transparent and one is white. A combination of numbers one and zero today is mainly associated with a binary code. It seemed reasonable to me aesthetically and conceptually to connect binary code’s numbers with so rapidly fading world of a physical, where body, photographed on a long exposure, creates almost transcendent image of the finitude.

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