Laura Scull – Through Thought

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Laura Scull - Through Thought
Laura Scull – Through Thought

I am Laura Scull, I identify as a mark-maker who primarily starts off in drawings then expands into another medium that can best translate my art practice into a visual form by the use of composition skills and use of negative space placement.

Creating art creates this feeling of freedom and success-fullness, almost like you can achieve anything. When you have created something from your own hands, mind and personality into something visual, it becomes something of an addiction, that feelings of successfully showing your current interests and influences into a medium for then others to witness, inspire and even cry at is the greatest pure gift that any artist can lead to give to the world.

It is pure you, the whole you and sometimes it can become overwhelming when viewers, critics and family members even begin to question the artwork itself, it feels like they are questioning you as a person. I can only speak for myself when I say that creating visual work can explain a lot more than words do, the connection is visual and you can see it when people look at your work, it comes enchanting how they can talk about your art in such an intelligent way.

What is your relationship with your own mind?
With any relationships it has its ups and downs, some days I feel creative and experience a rush of influential activity and yet other days it feels like my own head and body is against me, unable to create anything profoundly useful in the terms of work.

How does this piece relate the the theme “The Mind”?
This artwork isn’t just some lines on a paper or a marker in my life, it represents a moment and a thought of what I thought at the time was an interesting and calm composition. Every time I look back at it, I see myself in 2016 creating it, the final few days of when I was drawing without influence, an object in mind nor peer influences.

It’s almost like a visual piece of my memory that only I can recall and as it has been separated from my head to paper, it almost feels like I can move on. All my artwork feels exactly like this, I can recall the time up to building them and when I officially called them ‘finished’, accessible memories, maybe that is the reason why I don’t like selling my primary work, it does feel like selling your soul.

How can art/ creativity help us to learn about our minds?
Art is the therapy that we do not realise that we need. If our minds are subject to the same items, objects, settings and people it would simply die. Exposing ourselves to others peoples mind sets of what inspires them to create to then produce a colourful/monochrome sculpture/painting/drawing etc etc we can then identify what and why we enjoy a certain artwork.

It’s almost like exercise, you are using a different part of your brain to access and question why you do/do not like it, why has the artist/s created such a thing, what is the meaning behind it. I think that’s why I find it addictive, you forget about everything else, you just question what is physically in front of you.

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