Leanna Moran

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Tell us why the theme interests you and how your work relates? 
There are horrors skulking within the bedroom and imaginings of a little girl overwhelmed by a harrowing and troublesome world. This symbolises multi-layered concepts and expansions of time. The ‘bedroom’ has become a duplicated emblem and continues to be revisited throughout my practice, a powerful map which allows exploration when articulating conceptual references of life, childhood and personal experience. 

What is your relationship with your dream world? 
I use my dreams as a tool; linking my subconscious reality with current reality. Dreams are powerfully informative, whether they advise you on a current situation or relationship. When I awake from a dream I consider the allegory or symbolism, I then apply the dreams ‘message’ to daily life.  
Do you use dreams to inspire you creatively? 
My practice has journeyed through the story of my life and I have now reached a point where the creation of art has become a method of healing. For me, dreams really assist when surrealistically approaching creative outlets.
What are dreams and how can we use them to improve the way we live? 
I really believe dreams are the gateway between sub-consciousness and consciousness. I think life can be overwhelming and all-encompassing, not giving us time to really process thoughts, emotions or personal reflection. Dreams are the minds way of communicating deep inner turmoil. I always surprise people with how appropriate, specific and meaningful my dreams have been. If we listen to dreams they may guide us objectively as opposed to acting on basic human response. Dreams may show us how to better react to situations or process past issues. 

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