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Marcela Mata Dominguez – Creativity Consciousness

I’m a traveler, poet, dancer and artist currently rehabilitating her creativity. I like to knit, color mandalas and send postcards via my facebook page The Postcard Poem. I’m also a Thai massage therapist and meditator.

What is the mind?
The mind for me is the switch for my engine which is my body, the place where all the magic happens.

Why does the mind create?
The mind is the place where we keep our memories and thoughts, the good and the bad ones, and it will depends on your vibrations and what you want to have reflected outside your body, it can be good or it can be bad. The nature of the mind is to wander so it has the ability to create many thoughts, millions!

What can we learn about the mind through creativity?
Creativity is like the playroom of the mind, it’s the place where your mind can reflect all the choices you have. Meditation has kept me back on track to reconnect my artist fibre and creativity. Once upon a time I just closed the door and it has been hard to open, but after a meditation practice, yoga and some other books about creativity I’m now an artist in rehab.

Last year was my playground to go deep into my mind and take the first step back into art and actually all the answers were in front of me thanks to the practice of colouring mandalas. Nowadays I enjoy colouring mandalas and I’m doing some good explorations making my own. The lesson learned is that there is nothing to fear in a white sheet or space, no matter what will become as a result, there is no need to judge yourself.

What is your relationship with your own mind?
I feel grateful to myself because thanks to exploring and observing my mind I’m now able, little by little, to face my fears and set them aside to create and fill the rooms with my light and colours.


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