Maricama – Mother Earth Ceremony

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Maricama - Mother Earth Ceremony
Maricama – Mother Earth Ceremony


My name is MARICAMA (birth name: Maria Camia) and I am a Filipino American Visual Theater Artist / Light Worker. I was raised in Virginia and now live in New York. 

What are you doing?

I create spiritual / sci-fi illustrations, paintings, videos, puppets, theatrical plays and performances. My videos, plays, and performances are comedic, contrast to my meditative illustrations. I spread over many mediums with the same thematic purpose: to raise then balance the collective vibration. I also like to design shirts and enamel pins with this imagery. I first focused on sharing my personality and spiritual insight, but now I am focusing on how can my work serve the people.

Why do you do it?

I love to create and share my work to bring more joy and awareness into the world. My art is my own development as a human on this planet and I am now realizing how the reality is a reflection of my inner self. This is not to be averted from but accepted. I hope my work can open the eyes into the true inner self to find liberation.

Maricama and Ari and Cama Ceremony
Maricama and Ari and Cama Ceremony

How does your work relate to the theme alchemy?

As alchemy turns lead into gold, I use art and performance as a vehicle to transmute the dark into light. I intend my work to be a crystal, a strong powerful energy to heal / transform / awaken anyone who comes in contact with it.

Please tell us about one of your submitted pieces, Mother earth ceremony (above) what’s going on here?

All of the characters I draw live in the world Aricama, the land of practice play and love action.

This image is layered with many different little vignettes; the main focus is a group healing ceremony to Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Reiki energy flows from all hands. In the bottom, a woman secretes her pain and grows a flower. To the bottom left corner, two flowers named Ari and Cama are working together to create a rainbow Utopia. A healing spaceship hovers in the top right. Sacred geometry. High Vibration. Light language. Unity.

One woman makes eye contact with the viewer to say, “Liberation is within. Let’s create light! Nam sayin?”

Maricama - The Healing Shipment

What do you have upcoming?

I will be performing an original toy theater/puppet piece in the Pan Asian Repertory Theater’s Nuwork Festival this new moon week (June 12th, 15th, 17th at Theatre Row, 410 42nd Street) Please use the code TRNWA for a discounted ticket.

The performance includes a colorful paper mache spaceship, the two flowers in the drawing above, Ari and Cama, and some healing in action all set within an Aricama Museum tour.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

All of the visual art I create is meant to ultimately lead the viewer to the theater where all visuals and characters come to life in a puppet and/or actor.

On a side note, I just completed a Vipassana retreat and I think your readers would be interested in attending. It’s donation only, ten days of silence in meditation. Mind blowing – truthful experience.