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Muriel Soriano

Announcing the First Arts Trail in Totnes!

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Muriel Soriano, the coordinator for the Art and Creativity network in Totnes. We initiate interactive art projects between artists and the general public. Ecological and environmental problems are addressed with an emphasis on finding solutions by engaging our imagination and creativity.

We are currently preparing an environmental Arts Trail in Totnes town centre on the theme of “CLEAR WATERS”. It will complement the fourth Transition Town Totnes Film Festival in November 2018.

Why did you choose the theme: CLEAR WATERS?

The theme was chosen following an arts trail in Exeter leading to the Reuse Centre in which I took part with my crazy plastic eating fish called Nessy. Totnes and Exeter both being situated on rivers and water being particularly present and important to the lives of the inhabitants, we decided that water pollution was a theme that we wanted to defend, particularly being in a Transition Town.

The idea of maybe one day no longer having clear clean water to use is simply unacceptable. Having lived near rivers for most of my life, water is and always has been a most important part of my well-being and, I have been involved with contacting as many artists and town councillors as possible with regards to the trail. As such, the theme has been reinforced each time and ideas keep coming of how to maintain our water pure.

What form will the trial take?

Various pieces of art on the theme of Clear Waters will be exhibited in shop windows, principally up and down the main High Street leading up to the venues for the film Festival, mainly the Civic Hall and the new Totnes Cinema. Some pieces may also be exhibited in Dartington on the way to the Barn Cinema. The pieces will not always be in obvious situations and there will be a sort of treasure hunt game to be played as one progresses along the trail.

The “CLEAR WATERS” Trail project will include workshops with local schools, the library and other social groups in and around Totnes.
The aim of the Arts Trail is to bring awareness to the local population of how precious our water is and to think of possible solutions that the average person can put into place to keep it crystal clear. 

In January 2019, the final part of the project will be an exhibition/installation of the trail’s art pieces at the Ariel Centre Gallery in Totnes.

We believe that by stimulating the imagination and creating artwork, creators are empowered to take action in creating their own life as well. Problems can then be view as a challenging puzzle, rather than a roadblock, and solution finding becomes a more accepted outcome and mode of thinking.

How can we get involved?

Artists and community groups inspired by the theme of CLEAR WATERS, particularly if working with recycled or repurposed materials, are invited to contribute, as are local businesses, who would like to display works of art.

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