Ariel Weiser – What’s it like?

1 minute read

My friend tells me that when he hears music, it feels like watching a painting being put to canvas, start to finish, right in front of your eyes. Another tells me it is like watching a flower bloom in fast forward. When I hear music I see cascading colors, layering in over each other, tinting the world around me. Music, like so much of the human experience, is both communal and intensely individual.

The distance between my experience and yours feels as vast as anything in this world. Yet music joins us together, we feel connected to each other when we consume or create it in collaboration. There is no description of “music” that is true of every single song, and there is no definition that encompasses all of “music” and our experiences of it.

The words of others have always been a type of music to me: poems laced with the secrets of someone else’s life, little sartorial samples of someone else’s mind that can then play on repeat in my own head. This piece explores the different lenses through which people experience the world. It is a collage of many different minds, and many different sentiments, layered together into a rhythm of experiences.

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