Petra Lee – Trace of Place

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Petra Lee - Trace of Place I 
Petra Lee – Trace of Place I 

In my life, I have found that nature always finds a way to surprise me. As someone who has travelled a lot, I am not unfamiliar with all kinds of different natural landscapes. However, although trees, rocks, water, etc. can begin to become predictable, they are quite good at creating unique patterns when you get up close.

Up close, I am always mesmerized by how the natural and organic world unfolds to reveal innumerable little worlds of form, shape and pattern waiting to be discovered.

In the art world, it is often difficult to find a new way of seeing and celebrating nature after a long-standing tradition of nature-inspired art through centuries. However, I believe that nature will never retire or lose its relevance as an inspiration for art; because nature is always in flux, there will always be endless ways in which nature provides imagery that has never been seen before. In my work, I look specifically for found abstract imagery that celebrates the organic forms and structures found in nature in a unique way.

I also find it impactful that these “found patterns” will never be repeated exactly after the photograph is taken – water will flow, wind will blow, rocks shift and change over the years. I think nature can help us learn that we, natural beings ourselves, are unique and constantly in flux as well. Moments are fleeting, but each one is to be celebrated for its unique form and beauty.