This is love

I heard its thunderous
hooves hurtling across the land
a rhythmical beast
breathing heavily
dust rolling
teeth clenched and ready for the wild
my eyes tight shut
in anticipation

But it did not come

Instead what came
was calm
My eyes opened
shoulders relaxed
I saw it had halted
three feet in front of me
floating two feet above the floor
placing one foot
gently in front of the other

As it drew closer
I heard our deep breaths synchronise
and our heart beats speak rhymes
in a language
I had never heard
as I listened
I understood its whispers
and we both became doors

Written for the final edition of Untold Method

This day between days shows a different light to me
I saw a tree I had never before seen
I asked if its leaves were just leaves
Or the swaying scales of a giant green beast
Slowly breathing
Is it sound asleep
or preparing to speak?
Does it see?
Is it lurching at will
or just caught on the breeze?

Last time
when I closed my eyes
I sank into the bed
and sleep set upon me immediately

This time
when i close my eyes
I chase the shapes darting about in the dark
and imagine myself
not here

tie me
taste me
try me
show me
what the fuck it is
you are trying
to say

I would give all that i own
to spend my days and nights alone
I would stare at the bed
until I forget that its a bed
and it starts to boil and grow
into a large pulsating mass
first far off in the distance
Then way up close
as if my eyes had been painted black
and I am blind
until I remember
it is only a bed

What if all we took was full of gold
and all our dreams came true
But what we touch is not enough
and all I have is you