Ponor/Janczak – Solar

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MW: What is your relationship with the Sun?

P/J: The sun = light. Light and colour are perceived differently by everyone. Colours vary according to location. (For example there is a higher content of ultraviolet light in the Scandinavian countries, which makes anything painted blue appear very bright). Every culture has it’s own stories involving colour. So colour is another language for feelings and emotions.The sun is a raging ball of fire – it scorches and burns, but it also heals and disinfects. We’re all standing under the same sun receiving varying degrees of light, seeing colour in our own ways and the crazy thing is we’re all responding to light and colour completely differently.

MW: Why did you call this piece Solar?

P/J: Everything in the universe is vibration, resonance, wavelengths and frequencies. Solar is a celebration of luminosity and soundwaves coming together, (which is our working process).

MW: Is there anything else you would like to add?

P/J: Solar is the 20th. film in an ongoing Art/Music project called There Is No More There Any More. Also we’d like to give a mention to the guest musicians who contributed to making the soundtrack.

Urban Munk – Original Soundtrack
Phyllippa Scammell – Cello
Solo Goodspeed – Chapman Stick

Find Ponor/Janczak here: thereisnomorethereanymore.wordpress.com