Rawan Adwan – An introduction to Safaitic Art

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Bird, Buffalo and the Black Chair - Rawan Adwan
Bird, Buffalo and the Black Chair - Rawan Adwan

The above is inspired by the myth of the Buffalo. The theme attracted me because I have Bedouin origins.  My ancestors looked at the world with purity of soul, away from materialism, they were spiritual, their true values sculpted their life.

Most of my paintings are inspired from old Safaitic inscriptions found in Jordan Desert 1000 B.C. These inscriptions tell stories and some myths about ancient Arab Before Islam. I produced a collection of paintings reflecting Safiatic inscriptions and drawings with a contemporary twist.

I like mythical stories because they teach us the value of morals, manners and respect towards others. Myth captured our behaviour in the ancient times and are still alive in our modern life.

Rawan Adwan



Image below: The Tree of Temptation – Rawan Adwan