Rosie Temple – 50,000 Mandalas

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Rosie Temple Morris – Mandala 1


Who are you?

I am Rosie Temple, and am an artist. I have a degree in Philosophy and Literature, long experience as a carer and a Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist. I write poetry.
The Sun’s importance is central to all of us. It is the Light of the World. Without it we simply would not survive. It is the Great Mystery that all religions have been based around since time immemorial. It is the creative force as there is a Sun within us. As above so below.
When we meditate it is raised from the solar plexus to the pineal and the light enters. The seat of the soul.
My mandala process is mysterious. I use sacred geometry and number as well as artistic licence. I have over 50,000 of them on my computer and 12,000 on instagram, and they are all different. You could say it is my hobby or my obsession, but really it is Art Therapy. They are psychoactive and uplifting. They can change the environment and our outer and inner worlds.
Over what time period have you created 50,000 mandalas? What’s the process?
Over two years. The process is secret! I have learned to do it quickly, but it took a very long time to work out how.

Below are some of the 50,000 mandalas Rosie has published.

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