Ryan Donovan – Looking up AND Around

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Ryan Donvan Looking up AND Around
Ryan Donovan – Looking up AND Around


I am a 21-year old, emerging artist out of the DC area and I have been making art professionally for one year. I started creating about a year and a half ago, and since I discovered art as a way to communicate, I have not stopped working to find out how to best portray my message.

I am social to a fault, and art is my way of communicating to the world what words cannot. I pride myself with the connections I make and my fascination with social interactions is clearly shown throughout my works. 

Deviation from the norm takes courage. Leaving a safe space (phone, television, etc.) can feel life-changing, and it may be. Getting out and being around others provides reflection from a different direction. When I found painting I found my way of getting out while looking in, and that has become incredibly important for me.

My works are representative of my time reflecting in nature. It takes layers and layers and months and months because my reflection is never-ending. But learning when it is time move on from a thought or a moment has become vital to my art and my life.

Instagram: @trytocalmdown