Samantha Harvey / AlIcia Enstrom – What’s your heart look like?

1 minute read

The song is a remix of Alicia’s original Hearts Run Away. I wanted to share this, as I had complete free reign to complete the visuals however I liked, and really relate to the emotional message in the song, and responding with layered textured dancing imagery.

I took inspiration from within my own body to complete the piece, sensing how I would feel if my heart ran away, and what visuals this evokes for me. Looking at an abstract version of what might be happening inside of the heart on a spiritual and emotional level.

I gain a lot working with musicians, taking their art form of sound into my own visual interpretation. Alicia’s music inspired me to look inside myself deeper to see how I relate to her song, and thus in doing so perhaps helped me to see a part of myself which I usually find hard to access.

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