Sedna Ali – So much Sound

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So much sound – Sedna Ali

I am Sedna Ali, a self-taught Visual Artist and Illustrator intuitively drawn to the many nuances of visual communication.


I work with arbitrary shapes and bold colours that are often accompanied by hand-drawn elements to stylistically break free from the inclined precision of digital design.

I am deeply influenced by music in my work, particularly jazz, and often find myself illustrating musicians that compositionally lend themselves to a semi-abstract nature.

Music is crucial to my workflow as an artist, it gets me going. It aids my creative process and helps me through creative and emotional block. I listen to anything my ears can perceive, from Begum Akhtar, who was a splendid Indian Ghazal and Hindustani Classical singer, to Jelly Roll Morton. I am moved by contemporary Hip hop and Classical music alike, each genre being a world of energy of its own, and thus of relevance.. There’s a fair bit of Japanese and Arab jazz out there that have incorporated their own traditional sounds into jazz without aesthetically warping either, which is something I definitely enjoy listening to and draw inspiration from.

There’s a sound for every thought and emotion out there, we just need to tap into it, and be open to new experiences and not be prejudiced against new cultures and their distinct sounds.

Intermingle – Sedna Ali

Image: Sedna Ali – Eat my Beat

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