Shalome Knoll – Ancestor Tree

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For many years I tried to be a writer. Now I work in a variety of modalities to bring people, plants, the earth, and spirit into balance. One of my modalities is Plant Spirit Healing, which is working with the energies of plants to bring positive changes in peoples lives and move them towards wellness and wholeness.

I have many wonderful relationships with trees of different kinds – Oak, Rowan, Hawthorn – trees that my people were once connected to in their countries of origin. But I was born and raised here in Australia, and the trees here are entirely foreign and different. I grew up with these trees, they are like brothers to me, but I don’t have the deep ancestral connections with them that I do with a lot of European Trees. Recently, I made a much deeper connection with a tree that I grew up with, and I wrote this poem about it.

My name is Shalome Knoll, the poem is called Ancestor Tree and both me and the ancestor tree live in and originate from Australia..

Ancestor Tree

Sitting in the shade with my two year old
playing near me, she caught my attention:
slender and dark, a maiden waiting
to be a fully grown tree. Her gentle,
feathered fronds wavered
as she spoke, telling me secrets
of passed ages. She told me she was
an ancestor tree – once human,
now divine – come back to protect
her people against disease. Especially,
the children who plucked the sticky
half-dried sap from her dark skin,
rich with tannins, an antiseptic, making their
mouths full with her astringing sweetness.

I watch as she nods farewell to
the little one in my arms, remembering
a time before my people came, when
others knew her and valued
her return. I see you: ancestor tree.
I honour your goodness and
benevolence. And even though
I am not descended of your people, and
my presence here reminds us both
of all that has passed, I pray
that you might give me the blessing
of your protection, especially
for my two year old who loves to
feel her mouth full with the
astringing sweetness of your sap.

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