Stephanie Garon – Nature/Nurture

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Forests have been my playground since birth. My sculpture and paintings reflect my exploration of metaphors through the use of trees and naturally occurring elements. Consequently, many sculptures change with time. The decomposition captures paradoxes, including: formalism and fragility, permanence and impermanence, and nature and nurture. These themes can be echoed through written words, as well.

Love waddles
like hips in the Alabama sun
back and forth
girth to birth
heat radiating from ochre mines
burying seeds and
they dig and dig and dig.
Water’s a gem here,
ripening the chubby Magnolia and White Ash til
summer’s fingertips press
deep on Earth’s pottery wheel
churning seedling into sapling.

Lost and Found
Snag’s mites scurry like a Spirograph pattern,
orbiting the Sycamore
like Nature’s last kiss.

760 torr
Sixteen years seven months and two days:
untouched footsteps tip toe past
memories unfurled like a fortune cookie,
leaving me Goodnight Moon-a-rockin
in a chair my Grandma wove.

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