Stig Marlon Weston – Let Nature Decide

1 minute read

Going back along the forest paths where as child I used to hide and play and construct worlds of fantasy, I today carry with me huge rolls of film. By ditching the camera and letting nature decide on itエs own decisive moment I hope to catch a glimpse of that elusive primal feeling that only the innocent young and the wild beast have in common.

In the middle of the night I hang my film in the open air to let the landscape expose itself on my canvas of chemicals. Back home again I develop my film and make life size contact prints. The tears and scratches are just as much a part of the imprint of the trees as the shape and shadow they leave on the film.

By this process the film ends up as a sampling tool, dipped and left to soak in the unadulterated darkness of the natural night. The impressions left on the film have not been placed there as a result of careful framing by a subjective eye looking through a viewfinder. Instead these photographs are the visible chemical recordings of physical processes going on independently of the interpreting observer.

Facing the images that in a way are made by themselves we get to see Mother Nature caught by a maelstrom of photons, rearing up on her hind legs looking back at us with a defiant stare. Nature is not something we can force into right angles and a balanced composition. But in these works she is pinned down through natural chemical reactions, and the laws of physics shows us the seething breeding ground of our inner phantasms.

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