Tabitha Knight – Daily Drawing

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Your call out interests me as although I don’t use the word chance to describe how I work, I do not know what it will look like until I have finished. I think the art world is too dominated by concept ridden sterility, intent over content. There is no passion, or as Kandinsky said, “Art has lost its Soul”.

More closely associated with automatic drawing, I date the paper then put the pen on it and see where it goes. I do not edit or have any intent other than free flowing imagination. So, there is always the chance it will be rubbish, I post it on my social media regardless.

I’ve been doing them for nearly ten years now, every day with only a couple of exceptions and this year they had to be left handed for 6 months as I’d snapped a tendon in my finger so couldn’t use my right hand. 

I was just sitting on the sofa boxing day, fiddling with my fingers, I heard a pop and my finger had flopped. Freaked me out a little bit as it was quite a surreal experience.

I managed to continue my daily drawings but they were more sketchy with less … volume. Some people couldn’t tell the difference but there was a distinct change in the strength of the line.

Couldn’t wield a paint brush so used my fingers with oil paint which seemed to work out ok. I think it enabled me to be a bit looser and more spontaneous as I didn’t have the ability to really work into the paintings.

I think I got pretty good with it and it did change my work, which is always a good thing. I’ve got a show in October so I need to make a start on new paintings this week but with my right hand fingers to see how they come out … maybe I’ll use both hands

At least I know if I lose one hand I can work with the other.

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